Sunday, April 12, 2015

Selecting a Hotel in Jodhpur for Accommodation

Guest House in Jodhpur with Rooftop Restaurant

Being one the most historic places in state and hot tourist destination in country, Jodhpur has hundreds of small resorts and guest houses to several groups of hotels. It is a plus point that tourists visiting Jodhpur have a wide range of options to select but at the same time it becomes difficult to choose the best among all in terms of services, accommodation, pricing and amenities. So, this article will help you to select the best hotel in Jodhpur that fit your requirements and pocket.

While selecting a hotel there are several factors that should be kept in mind. Let’s discuss each aspect one by one:

New or Old: As ever coin has two facets, the same goes with old and new hotels in Jodhpur. If the hotel is newly built, you have the most modern amenities and this is a plus point. But, if the hotel is old, it’s famous and has experienced staff to service you.

City Center or Away: You have two options for accommodation in Jodhpur. You can choose a hotel in city center (like in killikhana, near clock tower) where you have access to all the major tourist attraction in walking distance. But, since most of the shopping centers are also in vicinity so you may have to face crowd and noise disturbances till midnight. On the other hand, you can choose a hotel little but away from city where you can get soothing & peaceful environment.

Business Travel or Holiday Trip: If you are on a business trip, you will need peaceful environment with modern facilities. You can go for any three to five star hotels in Jodhpur which is bit away from city center. But, if you are on a leisure trip, it is suggested to pick a hotel in vicinity to major tourist attraction in Jodhpur.

Elite or Economy: If you wish to have accommodation in Jodhpur with luxury then there are quite a few elite class hotels to choose from. But, if you belong to middle class and are on family trip, there are lots of budget hotels in Jodhpur for the accommodation.

Heritage Haveli & Guest Houses: There are a few heritage havelies which have been converted into hotels. So, people get traditional touch with modern amenities. There are several guest houses in city center which acts as interim homes for tourists. Visitors love to stay in these guest houses being there they get a chance to know the rich culture and traditions of Jodhpur.

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